The  Witzelsucht  Memorandum
-Carrying Water For The One World Government Since 1989!-

Several-Year-Old Political Coverage: Out of Date But Oh-So-Great!

 FRAUD AT POLLS!  HOW GEORGE DUBUYA STOLE the election  . . . and why WIT MEMO welcomed the Bush presidency, anyway.
The Ultimate List of George W. Nicknames!
The WIT MEMO 2000 GUIDE TO THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES!  The early low down on George, Al, and all the other live wires who hit the campaign trail.
-PAT BUCHANAN's Reform Party foray had all the makings of a good, old-fashioned Steel Cage Match ... How did the WEEKLY STANDARD blow this story?
GARY BAUER's BIG BONER!  It was gratifying to see SOMEONE picking up DAN QUAYLE's slack!

Take yourself back with WIT MEMO's incomparable ELIAN COVERAGE: WIT MEMO's ELIAN ENCOUNTER ...  RETURN ELIAN NOW! to our tv sets, The Miami family press conference

The BIG QUESTION that Historian STEPHEN AMBROSE FORGOT to ask PAT BUCHANAN during their 'debate' on MSNBC!

Steve Forbes ... John McCain...   and the REST  of the 2000 GOP Candidates

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